WHY Dentaltermin?

Healthy communication, Healthy Faces

Health is the most important asset we have in life. Therefore, the decisions we make about our health are very critical. As Dentaltermin, we have been working with all our strength to provide the best health services to thousands of guests who have trusted us since 2004. Thanks to the healthy communication we establish with our guests, we fully understand their needs and wishes; we create personalized treatment plans. We offer you, our valued guests, a world-class treatment that will not strain your budget.


In our clinic, where we have been serving you with great passion and excitement since 2004, we offer services in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, and all modern dentistry.

In order to offer our guests the most advanced treatment methods and technologies, we follow the innovations presented at seminars and congresses and always keep our clinical practices up-to-date in the light of developments in the field of dental treatment.

As part of a team that loves its profession and is ready to make you happy, I welcome you.

Treatment Guarantee

We all have different wants and needs when it comes to health. That is why it is very important for us as Dentaltermin to offer our guests tailor-made treatment plans instead of standardized treatments.

As Dentaltermin, we work with experienced staff using European standard equipment in the treatments we offer.

Since 2004, our contracted clinic, where we have been providing world-class services to thousands of guests from different European countries, is located in the center of Istanbul. Our clinic, which is appreciated by our guests with its modern facilities, expert staff and high standard medical equipment, is designed as a living space where you can enjoy your free time as well as a health center.


Located in a central point of Istanbul, our clinic provides world-class services to our valued guests. You will experience a treatment experience that makes a difference in our clinic in Istanbul with experienced healthcare professionals and staff who will be with you throughout your treatment journey.